The Foundation

The Foundation Of Our Birds 

As with any family birds they have to be built on a solid foundation, the original foundation pair of Van Den Bosch pigeons were purchased direct from Herman Beverdam in 1992 as a matched pair of stock pigeons.

The hen was Witneus 583 a 92 bred pencil white flight.

The cock was Bluepied 802 a 1990 bred Blue pied.

 Inteelt Donkere 06

 As you can see from the pictures the Van Den Bosch still breed true when in bred or line bred. these are double grand children of the original foundation pairs.

 Inteelt Witneus 425

  Inteelt Witneus 181

these have all been been crossed into our original Janssens, then into the Kellens and then later into the Van loons. 

Now we have different lines of JVDB cross van Loons that compliment each other. Every year we bring in new outcrosses of the original lines, this seems to have worked very well.

Only the stockbirds get line bred or inbred and the racers are usually a cross of the other families.

These birds have been winning from distances  of 120 miles to 500 miles

TBO, what does it stand for? It was a an extremely successful partnership during the 90's who flew LNR called Tizzard Bigwood O'Cuniffe. They had very carefully blended different breeds of pigeons to make their own breed with devastating effects.

Ronnie Bigwood was the front man of the partnership an extremely clever fancier who always paid attention to detail, we had on occasions managed to speak with Ronnie in depth about his pigeons and he explained how he bred their birds. He said every pedigree is a map of their breeding and he tried to attain the very best blood lines to put into their breed. he also told us that many of his birds would found a loft full of winners and if he was to start to again he told us what birds from their sales he would buy. His advice was to buy the older proven cocks and buy the younger hens he had on sale.

Many of older stock cocks had proven themselves to produce some serious amounts winning offsprings.

One of the best of the stock cocks was a 96 bred cheq called "Omega" before we purchased him he was already responsible for 18 winners as sire or gsire.

His most famous pairing was to a hen called "Mother Superior" she was a small check hen a stunning bird, in my eyes she was the best in the sale. I didnt know who she was at the time when I singled her out, until he told me. She herself was responsible for 30x1st places. She was bred from Sire: Chourgnon  who himself has been responsible for 50 1sts with Dam: Champion Brightstar.

Omega & Mother Superior bred some outstanding pigeons.Ch Enigma was one of them.

CH ENIGMA winner of 9 X 1st places and 2nd 3rd 4th LNRC. She sold at the original TBO sale for £5000 and it has reported that she too has bred many outstanding winners since the sale, but I am not in possession of the actual numbers so I cannot add it to the number of total winners winners "Omega" has actually produced.

We also purchased a daughter of "Mother Superior" paired to "The Pulse" a son of Omega when paired to "Ch Brightstar who was responsible for 40x1st.

Our family of the TBO pigeons have been bred from no less than 12 of the original pigeons from the sale.

These include:

The Govner Cock from The Minister x So Sweet

Cock Golden Windsong from The Golden Bull X The Windsong.

Hen from Champion 600 x Darkstar

Hen From The Edge x Blackstar

Cock Diamond Master (brother to Ring Master) from Peanut Man x The Diamond Hen

Cock from Planet man x Fourteen Fourteen

Hen From Ch No Surprise x Blue Poppel

Hen from Mach1 x Ice

OMEGA one of Ronnie Bigwoods best producing stock cocks, Sire Of Enigma & The Pulse.

Birds bred from this cock both sons and daughters have been producing winners for us for many years, they have bred many club winners, fed winners and national winners for not just us but for many other fanciers countrywide including Scotland, Ireland, etc.

We built a family around this stock fabulous stock cock, he has now been responsible for more than 32 winners at the golden age of 17 he is still at our loft.

 Above a direct daughter of The Pulse and Mother Superior, Gdtr of Omega.(TBO 5855)Right A daughter bred of the above hen when paired back to Omega, bred for stock, the resemblance is striking.

 Above a daughter of Omega when bred with TBO 55486 daughter of Champion 600 and Darkstar

 Bred from TBO 5855 Hen & Omega

Unrung stock hen dtr of Omega 

Bred from TBO 5855 Hen & Omega

Son Of Omega

Bred from TBO 5855 Hen & Omega

Omega paired with one of his daughters in 2010 the hen is from a daughter of Ron Bigwoods Champion No Surprise and Blue Poppel.

Golden Wind Song another of one the TBO stock Cocks that has been another Ace producer of both race and stock birds for us.

 This superb stock cock was bred from Golden Wind Song paired to Hen TBO 55918  who was a daughter from Champion Mach,1 and Ice

A daughter of Golden wind Song when he was paired to JVDB hen from our original family.

Direct Children & GChildren bred by us from Diamond Master

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