Origins Of Our Birds


 The TBO Legacy Lives On....

 The Janssen Van Den Bosch is quite unique, because the blend of the Janssen Bros pigeon, which although was a fantastic proven strain was heavily inbred and after years of heavy inbreeding this strain of winning pigeon began to become weak against its modern day competitors.

But it was found after some careful crossing with the old strain of Karel Meulemans Van Den Bosch. It gave them back some vigour and vitality. Although the old strain Meulemans were a much bigger, thick set bird, but a careful selection of breeding mates, created a well balanced, more robust type of pigeon which could handle with ease our climate and terrain much easier. Thus once again making both the VDB and the Janssen a much more competitive racing pigeon. 

The next stage was one that created some controversy,

The Janssen purists would then put these out-crosses back to the pure inbred Janssens and breed out the VDB, thus using it for a suitable out-cross, for which worked for some fanciers.

Some other top famous fanciers decided to go in other directions..

George Litherland put into these crosses his well established  breed of Kellens, which created a pigeon, which could not also win races, but could also reproduce winning racers creating the famous Golden Bloodlines.


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